Airbus Chip Dpa Consent Agreement

Airbus will continue to cooperate with the authorities, in accordance with the agreements reached, and to establish a strong culture of ethics and compliance within the company. The comparison is only the last in ten years in which the DOJ has taken enforcement action against Swiss banks. The ZKB was one of the remaining Category 1 banks – banks that were already under DOJ investigation when the governments of the United States and Switzerland announced the Swiss banking program in August 2013. The programme has resulted in agreements with 81 Swiss banks to resolve similar behaviour related to tax evasion. As a Category 1 bank, the ZKB was not allowed to participate. Societe Generale has resolved the long-standing investigation by the DOJ and the CFTC (U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission) against certain interbanks of Société Générale and (ii) of the French DOJ and National Financial Prosecutor`s Office (PNF) for violations of fcpa and French anti-corruption laws concerning historical behaviour related to Libyan counterparties. Comparisons are highly unusual in that they synthesize independent investigations into a single deferred law enforcement agreement and because this is the first time that the DOJ and the NFP have cooperated to find coordinated solutions to a corruption case. As part of the comparisons, Societe Generale agreed to pay penalties totalling approximately $1.3 billion, to close a three-year CCA with the DOJ and a similar CJIP with the NFP, to be guilty in the United States of one of its subsidiaries and to make various improvements.

No corporate monitor has been imposed by the US authorities and the bank`s anti-corruption programme is monitored for two years by the French agency created by last year`s Fir II legislation, the Francoise Anti-Corruption Agency. 11 “SFO enters into a 991 million euro agreement with Airbus as part of a comprehensive resolution of 3.6 billion euros,” 31 January 2020 Airbus SE also today reached an agreement with the National Financial Prosecutor`s Office (PNF) and an agreement on delayed prosecutions with the US Department of Justice and the US Department of Foreign Affairs. In total, these agreements, in conjunction with SFO DPA, require that Airbus SE pay approximately 3.6 billion euros (including 2.083,137,455 euros to the PNF and 525,655,000 euros to the US authorities) at the exchange rate. Denis Ranque, Chairman of Airbus` Executive Board, said: “Today`s agreements are the unacceptable business practices of the past. The strengthening of our compliance programs at Airbus is designed to ensure that such a fault does not happen again. The agreements also show that the decision to have a voluntary report and to cooperate with the authorities was the right one. The commitment of the Board of Directors and its Ethics and Compliance Committee to fully support the study and implementation of the world-renowned compliance standards paved the way for today`s agreements. Earlier this year, the Chinese authorities accused a number of leading national technology companies of not adequately protecting personal information.