Crc-P Partner Agreement

All CRC-P partners must contribute resources to the CRC-Ps. We treat in the same way the cash and in-kind contributions proposed by the partners for calculating the maximum amount of the grant. Each CRC-P must at least involve and retain its project partners: for CRC-P Round 10, UNSW has developed considerable resources to support the development of offers in which we are involved. If you share the information on this site with your partners, we advise you to save it in PDF form and pass it on to them. The group of participants applying for CRC-P funding must be led by an industry partner and address a branch issue. Cooperation must include at least the following elements: CRC-P cooperation must be at least equal to the amount of grants requested through cash and/or in-kind contributions. As part of the application, each organization must sign a declaration of participation form indicating its agreement to participate in the project as well as its cash and in-kind contributions. While there is no minimal need for liquidity, cash contributions (particularly from industry) are considered positive. Applications must be managed by an industry participant and be associated with the university and other partners (including at least 1 SME partner). Successful applicants must enter into a grant agreement with the Commonwealth. The grant agreement includes: Existing or former crCs or CRC-Ps partners may be partners in other CRCs or CRC-Ps. If your partners agree to award $1 million or more from the CRC-P Grant to UNSW, we invest together in your application worth 1 to 5. Z.B: For every million CRC-P in cash, we invest $200,000 or more in a 1:5 ratio.

CRC-P partners do not need to engage for the duration of the project. We pay you quarterly in advance according to a schedule agreed in the grant agreement. We pay you directly to your designated bank account. Any questions regarding the eligibility of an industrial partner should be directed to AusIndustry Please note that this is a UNSW audit requirement to allocate funds that cannot be changed. This is not an exhaustive list and other costs may also be eligible. For more information on the evaluation criteria, see the guidelines for awarding opportunities. . To obtain CRC-P funding, you need: Sector research cooperation with at least: CRC-P applications are submitted online via the portal. We recommend that you develop your app outside the portal until it is complete and then download it. We first evaluate your application based on eligibility criteria. Only eligible applications enter the performance evaluation phase. The evidence you provide to support your application must be proportional to the size and complexity of the project.

The following projects were supported as part of the CRC Global CRC Cooperative Research Centre (CRC-P) project. In Round 10, $10 million is spent on CRC-Ps, with a focus on eliminating gaps in recycling and waste treatment capacity in Australia, including plastics, paper, glass and tires. . If you succeed, we will send you an email and insert all the specific conditions for the grant offer. If you don`t succeed, we`ll send you an email with the reasons why. The Minister decides which grants to approve, taking into account his obligation to make a signed participant declaration form available to the leading industry organization. The UNW Lead Investigator must complete the “Declaration of Participation” form and send an email to by Monday, September 21, 2020. For advice on partner engagement, including issues related to intellectual property and tax incentives, please email UNSW Knowledge Exchange to Dax Kukulji: you cannot use the funding for the same activities or projects that have been funded previously or now through a