Future Performance Agreements

These contracts are called continuation contracts, because the contract can now pay, but the contract is heading for the future. This type of contract is often used when you join a karate club or dance studio or buy a holiday club membership. What protection is there for consumers who, at one time or another, would agree to provide goods and services? Other consumer agreements subject to the provisions and provisions of the Consumer Protection Act include: a future delivery contract is defined in s 17 as: remote contracts: for goods and services offered by telephone or mail (for example. B press subscriptions, cable TV subscriptions). In the case of internet-based agreements, the law requires companies to provide a copy of the written contract within 15 days of the contract being concluded. If the company does not provide a copy of the contract within this time, the buyer has 30 days from the date the contract was entered into to revoke it. Internet agreements contain specific information, including a fair and accurate description of goods and services, detailed prices, applicable currency, payment terms, delivery terms, retraction rights, exchanges, refunds or trade-ins and other restrictions. The law also requires that services sold on the Internet be of “acceptable reasonable quality” – a first in Canadian consumer protection legislation. Credits offered by payday lenders may, if calculated in accordance with the penal code, require rates above the amount allowed by the definition. In 2006, the federal government amended the penal code to exclude payday credit contracts from the punitive interest rate provision. Time participation agreements: the consumer has the right to use a property for a specified period of time. A consumer may also terminate a future service contract if he does not complete the delivery within 30 days of the date of the agreement[11] or if he does not begin to execute it within thirty days of the start date of the agreement, at some point before delivery under the contract or the start of the service in accordance with the contract.

[12] In the absence of delivery or start date in the agreement, the Consumer may cancel at any time before delivery or the start of delivery if the supplier does not deliver or accept delivery within 30 days of the contract being concluded. [13] A consumer cannot terminate the contract if he accepts the acceptance of the delivery after 30 days or if he authorizes the performance of the contract. [14] A tried delivery, refused or not because no one was available to accept the delivery or service was tried, but refused or not, because no one was available to allow the start, is considered to be delivered or started on the date on which an appropriate delivery or start notice was issued. [15] The Consumer Protection Act also applies to personal development service agreements (sometimes called prepaid services) for which there is a written agreement and where the consumer is required to pay for the service in advance.