I Have Altered The Terms Of Our Agreement

Vader comes back and insists: “In addition, I wish you to wear this dress and this hood.” Lando protests and again vader tells him: “I changed the agreement. Let`s pray I don`t change it any more. Aren`t you afraid that the Empire will learn this little operation and disconnect you? LANDO: It`s always been a danger that was a shadow over everything we`ve built here. But something has developed to ensure security. I just made a deal that will keep the Empire away from here forever. Lando: You must at least stay here, you will be safe. Lando: [Indignant] This was never a condition of our agreement, nor gave Han to this bounty hunter! Mr. Vader, what about Leia and Wookiee? You must never leave this city again. LANDO: It was never a condition of our agreement, nor was it that Han was given to this bounty hunter! Maybe you think you`re being treated unfairly.

No. It is ok. It would be unfortunate if I had to leave a garrison here. Cloud City isn`t really offside. Lando points out that the Empire was not aware of their operation, which probably means they were not paying taxes (which would be a good reason to stay away from the radar). There is nothing else illegal about Cloud City that would justify them finding the fear of the Empire (many tax havens work that way). Elsewhere, I have argued that much of the criticism of Emperor Palpatine`s leadership has no place. But he and Vader blew it when it comes to the clause of the contract.

Princess Leia: You certainly have a path with people. Lando: [I see Leia for the first time] Hello, what do we have here? It`s really, really hard for me to say a lot of nice things about our current Prime Minister, except that he has beautiful hair. But he opposed Trump in a way that few expected, let alone Trump. Especially because they wanted Lukas to fall into the trap. For it to be credible, you would have to pretend that everything is normal. We can`t pretend. It`s like flying over New York and seeing it without anyone. If they had panicked Cloud City, or if they had taken everyone, the power would be obvious that something was wrong. Vader also said, “I changed the agreement. Let`s pray I don`t change it any more. And again, when the door is closed, Lando whispers to himself: “This market keeps getting worse!┬áHere is the dialogue of the relevant scenes.