Sixt Express Master Agreement

4 payment of the sums due to us under this agreement. The amount of the deposit does not limit the total amount owed to us under this agreement. 9. Your property. You, agents and employees, free us from any claim of loss or deterioration of your personal property or any other person we have received, processed or stored or who have been left or carried in the vehicle or in a service vehicle or in our offices, whether the loss or damage was caused by our negligence or otherwise our liability. 10. Breach of contract. The acts covered in paragraph 5 are prohibited uses of the vehicle and violations of this agreement. YOU WILL VIOLATE THIS AGREEMENT IF YOU ALLOW SOMEONE OTHER THAN THE TENANT OR AN ADDITIONAL DRIVER TO OPERATE THE VEHICLE. IF AN UNAUTHORIZED DRIVER DAMAGES OR INJURES THE VEHICLE, WE WILL BLAME YOU. If you violate this agreement, we have the right to disable the vehicle.

You waive any recourse against us for any reports or criminal proceedings that we bring against you, which result from your violation of this agreement. 11. Changes. No clause in this agreement can be abandoned or amended unless it is done by a letter signed by one of our expressly authorized representatives. Representatives of Sixt counters are not allowed to waive the duration of this contract or to amend it. If you wish to extend the rental period, you must return the vehicle to our rental office for review and written modification of the DUE-IN date. This agreement represents the whole agreement between you and us. Not all insurance and prior agreements between you and us regarding this rental are valid.

12. Waiver; Competence. A waiver on our part of a violation of this Agreement is not a waiver of an additional violation or the performance of your obligations under this Agreement. Our acceptance of the payment of you or our omission, our refusal or the negligence of the exercise of our rights under this Convention does not constitute a waiver of another provision of this Agreement. Unless prohibited by law, you remove us from liability for consecutive, special or punitive damages related to this rent or the booking of a vehicle. If a provision in this contract were to be cancelled or unenforceable, the other provisions would be valid and enforceable. If we discover that a complaint must be filed against you to resolve a dispute, you agree to be sued in an appropriate state or federal court in Horry County, South Carolina. 13. Sixt Express Master Agreement.

We retain your personal data and signature contained in this agreement in order to deal more effectively with future rentals with us or with other Companies of the Sixt Group. By signing this agreement, you accept the terms and conditions of future leases with us or with other Sixt Group companies, subject to the laws of the country or any other jurisdiction authorizing this acceptance. We can either accept your signature on the face page as a signature for future leases, or ask for your signature at the time of a future rental.