Westjet Encore Pilot Collective Agreement

In recent weeks, when WestJet introduced new tasks and responsibilities for staff on the airport front, several workers expressed concerns about the health and safety aspects of these new tasks. Airport front staff need a voice in such situations, as pilots and cabin crew have already done. The airline and the Air Line Pilots Association made a joint announcement on Thursday afternoon after “robust” negotiations. Westjet planned to lay off more than 1,700 pilots on the Encore and Swoop main line due to flight demand. WestJet Encore pilots joined ALPA in 2017. The more than 500 members of the pilot group operate a fleet of 47 Bombardier Q400s from bases in Calgary, Alta. and Toronto, Ont. Founded in 1931, ALPA is the world`s largest pilots` union and represents 62,000 pilots in 33 U.S. and Canadian airlines. Visit the ALPA website at alpa.org or follow us on Twitter at @WeAreALPA and @ALPACanada.

Westjet and its union have agreed to save more than 1,000 pilot jobs threatened by the co-19 pandemic. A lot happened with WestJet last month. Cabin crew reported that WestJet often subs paid cabin crew, with employees earning less than the minimum wage. Meanwhile, the launch of Swoop airlines in June has many workers feeling a little unsure about what`s going on. Since a union was organized last year, WestJet pilots have also been negotiating their first collective agreement. WestJet will meet with ALPA leaders in early January 2019 to review the terms of the award and work towards the conclusion of the collective agreement. Given the scope and complexity of the work required, the airline will not comment further at this stage. WestJet continues to commit to working directly with pilot representation. Details of the collective agreement are disclosed upon completion. From the beginning, WestJet, the small departure from the West, has done things differently. Employees would own about 20% of the business, which would make them feel enough about the work they are attracting.

The plan worked well, WestJetters felt appreciated and often took extra steps along the way to ensure that the travelling public felt part of something else. That changed with the growth of the company, but working groups like pilots and cabin crew found a way to recover the voice they had in the early days. AlPA represents approximately 1,600 WestJet and Swoop pilots without WestJet Encore. WestJet Encore pilots are represented by ALPA in a separate bargaining unit that is currently conducting collective bargaining with the company.